Magisches Gold fürs ZuhauseManche Kombinationen strahlen Wärme und Nähe aus. Mitunter entsteht Magie durch die Kombination bestimmter Materialien: goldfarbenes Metall, warme Farbtöne und handgearbeitetes Glas in organischen Formen – ein Ambiente zum Wohlfühlen à la Lene Bjerre.



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Between the familiar and the new

At Lene Bjerre we create rooms. Rooms to be lived in, and rooms from which to contemplate the world. Rooms to reflect who you are. As designers we flow constantly between the individual and the world, working with the trends, tendencies and impressions happening in the space between the two.We feel a constant development. New things happen all around us, and in our way of reflecting them we create the opportunity of a new world outlook. In this time of constant change, we have a need for the familiar and the well known, but with new perspectives, ideas and new elements to surprise and delight us.

Home is where the heart is, and at Lene Bjerre our heart is in our collections. With this collection we hope to offer you a moment of calm between the familiar and the new. Someone once said, “the only way you define your limits is by going beyond them.” In order for you to make your home a place of joy, we strive to do just that.