Mongolian Lamb lambskin 100x60 cm. potent purple

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Sustainable lambskin in a potent purple colour produced from animals bred for human consumption.

This fluffy lambskin measures L100xW60xH2 cm. Pep up your sofa or favourite chair with a beautiful skin in Nordic tones and create a warm and harmonious atmosphere throughout the room.

Always remember to protect your textiles and lambskin from strong spotlights and direct sun to minimize the risk of fading colours.

NOTE: This lambskin is produced from animals bred for human consumption. That means that the lambs have been bred for food purposes and the skin is a by-product. We value working with suppliers that ensure the animals proper conditions.
Master Data  
  • Brand:
    Lene Bjerre
  • EAN Code:
  • Serie Name:
  • Product Type:
  • Color:
    potent purple
  • Material:
  • Length:
    100 cm
  • Width:
    60 cm
  • Height:
    2 cm
  • Weight:
    0.5 kg
  • Pack of:
  • washing instructions:

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