Depot trolley H86 cm. black

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Unique black trolley in a masculine and industrial design from Lene Bjerre. This timeless Depot trolley is manufactured from iron and measures L96xW52xH86 cm. The trolley represents the perfect interplay of masculinity and exclusivity. It embodies a level of creativity, craftsmanship and unique design that is quite out of the ordinary. The trolley is timeless yet modern, and also so functional and easily accessible that it can beneficially be used in any room in the house. The combination of the trolley’s industrial twist and the coveted vintage look creates a special depth and patina that lends the trolley its very own life and soul. A unique and eye-catching piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways in interior decoration schemes and is guaranteed to give your home a touch of style.
Master Data  
  • Brand:
    Lene Bjerre
  • EAN Code:
  • Serie Name:
  • Product Type:
  • Color:
  • Material:
  • Length:
    100 cm
  • Width:
    52 cm
  • Height:
    86 cm
  • Weight:
    11 kg
Care & Finish  
  • Maintenance::
    Powder coated iron must be cleaned with water and cloth, no scouring pads! If it is very dirty, use a mild soap or a bit of window cleaner. Rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth or there may be soap residue on the surface

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