Mercy placemat 48x34 cm. pheasant

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Lovely orange coloured placemat made from 100% cotton and decorated with a delicate hem stitch and a beautifully embroidered monogram.

Complete your table setting and at the same time give your guests something beautiful to look at with this Mercy placemat, which is guaranteed to create a delightful atmosphere at the table.

NOTE: General for textiles - the color will fade over time if exposed for high temperature or/and direct sunlight.
Master Data  
  • Brand:
    Lene Bjerre
  • EAN Code:
  • Serie Name:
  • Product Type:
  • Color:
  • Material:
    100% Cotton
  • Length:
    48 cm
  • Width:
    34 cm
  • Weight:
    0.09 kg
  • washing instructions:
Care & Finish  
  • Maintenance::
    Wash at 30 degrees

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