Bonelle bowl Ø16 cm. black

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Nice bowl made from buffalo horn in the colours black and brown. The bowl measures H6.2xØ16 cm and it only tolerates cold food. Therefore serve your favourite cold snacks in this Bonelle bowl or incorporate it as a decorative element in your interior design and fill it with ornaments that are appropriate for the season and your mood. At Lene Bjerre, we have created a wide range of unique jars and bowls, with a focus on both functionality and design. We therefore present a palette of stunning bowls and jars, in order to ensure that there is something for every taste. NOTE: The horn comes from animals bred for consumption. That means that the animal have been bred for food purposes and the horn is a by-product. We value working with suppliers that ensure the animals proper conditions. NOTE: We recommend that the bowl is cleaned under running water without soap or other solvents and it should then be immediately wiped dry.
Master Data  
  • Brand:
    Lene Bjerre
  • EAN Code:
  • Serie Name:
  • Product Type:
  • Color:
    black / brown
  • Material:
    Buffalo Horn
  • Length:
    16 cm
  • Width:
    16 cm
  • Height:
    6.2 cm
  • Diameter:
    16 cm
  • Weight:
    0.23 kg
  • Pack of:
Care & Finish  
  • Product Finish:
    Fine polished surface.
  • Maintenance::
    Cleaned under running, lukewarm water without soap and other solvents, and should be wiped off immediately. Never put in a dishwasher. Never soak. Spoons of horn should not stand in liquids extended periods of time, for example, in jams, salads and dressings. Do not be in direct sunlight or near heat sources. Old items of horn for instance old tablespoons shall periodically be coated with oil to prevent drying.

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