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A tableware for every occasion!

The beautiful Amera tableware collection is made of ceramic in the colours grey, white sands or rugby tan with rounded and organic shapes and speaks to the the modern and conscious person. Create your own personal decor with the Amera collection and add a natural and charateristic look to the table setting. The tableware is designed in a timeless design and by own skilled designers at Lene Bjerre, who have found inspiration in the nature, which radiates life and soul.

Made from raw materials to our gorgeous Amera

To ensure the perfect look for our gorgeous Amera collection, all our Amera go trough a long manufacturing process. The first step is to making the clay from a mix of raw materials and water. This usually takes at least 2-3 days, to ensure the correct mix.

Afterwards the clay is cut into bits This is done by a machine to make sure the right amount of clay is used. When the clay is ready "the body" is formed into the right shape by skilled craftsman using a machine that presses the clay into a mould. The raw "body" is dried in a special kiln for at least 12 hours, and afterwards it is cleaned and rough edges are corrected. When the final shape is finished, it is dipped in the first layer of glaze, the second layer is sprayed on afterwards. The product is now going into the kiln again for no less than 6 hours at 1250 degrees.  

Trendy ceramic

Ceramic is more popular than ever, and we understand why! We love ceramic and good craftmanship. Ceramic adds a charming look to the interior design and give you the perfect opportunity to set the your own personal touch. Ceramic in the kitchen look both homely and inviting, where the naturals colours complement the bright and Nordic expression well. Make your dining table look beautiful with fine details and create a new look with our gorgeous Amera collection. 

The collection's distinctive design makes it ideal for both everyday use and for special occasions. Complement the Amera table with rustic cutlery and heavy glasses or give it a romantic touch with fine cutlery and elegant glasses. With Amera you can set a table for any occasions. 

A unique expression with reactive glazing

When applying two layers of reactive glaze, the glaze is undergoing a chemical process during its time in the kiln. Because of this, a few factors come into play, when the final product is finished. The position and humidity in the kiln can make a difference in the final product, as well as the shape of the element in the kiln. When making the clay it is very difficult to create the same mixture every time making the products, due to this, the products can vary as well.

Because of this process, two pieces will never be the same, and you will get a both very uniqe and personal piece of tableware for your table settings.

Gorgeous colour options 

We all have several ways of decorating our dinner tables – also with different colours. Colours give our home a special mood that reflect our personality and taste. Add tones of colours that are inspired by the organic hues of nature with the Amera collection.

The tableware comes in three different colour options: our classic grey colour, a stunning rugby tan colour, and lastly a calm white sands colour. Each colour adds a unique expression to your home and make a great impression on your guests. Play with the different colours and find your own personal favorite for your next table setting.