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Auria is a unique collection of frames in a rustic and characteristic design that fits perfectly into the modern home décor. The Auria frames are a reinterpreted and modern collection of the traditional frames. The frames are handmade in a rustic design and the combination of the small iron parts reflects skilful craftsmanship.

The frames can be used in many different variations just the way you wish. Frame your favourite pictures, the kids’ drawings, plants or flowers that will look beautiful in the transparent glass. The possibilities are endless, so let go of your imagination and creativity and create your very own personal style in your home.

“A picture without a frame, is like a soul without a body” – Vincent van Gogh

The raw look

Décor with frames in metals makes it possible to create a new and exciting expression that contrast the bright Nordic style well. Experiment with both style and expression and personalize the décor to make it your very own, whether you are into the raw industrial expression or the classic simple style.  

A different way to invite nature into your interior design

The green universe filled with plants, trees and colourful flowers is a hot trend in modern interior design and we love to invite the fresh Nordic nature into our home. It is no longer enough with nice potted plants and bouquets. Now we want our favourite greens framed in glass and frame.

Be inspired to invite the nature inside in a new and different way and explore the natural beauty of the nature’s gorgeous motives. Green leaves and flowers add new life to the décor in a different and decorative way. 


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Perpetuate your favourite memories

Memories are fantastic – memories that brings smile, joy and laughter. 
We all know it; we have thousands of pictures on our digital devices and online platforms. There will be moments we would never be without, but also moments we would rather forget. Common to all those moments is that they are memories that tell a story.

Bring forward the good stories and memories, as a personal part of the décor and perpetuate them by framing your favourite memories in beautiful frames, so you can enjoy them over and over again.

”Memories will last forever”