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Autumn | Winter 2018

Our new autumn | winter collection is saturated and sophisticated and combines both the Scandinavian, Japanese and ethnic trends, that we know from previous seasons. We have worked with the term "Japandi", which is a definition of the connection between tendences from the Scandinavian and Japanese universe. The Nordic light trend is thus linked with elements of Japanese symbolism and tradition. It is reflected in a distinctive simplicity and distinctive aesthetics.

In this collection, we embrace the love of the natural and handmade. The natural aspect comes forth in a wonderful mix of light and dark materials and natural and textured fabrics in a simple design. We are in this collection inspired by Art Deco, which is a style of visual arts. Art Deco is associated with both luxury and modernity and combines exclusive materials and exquisite craftmanship.



Ayuka chair

The crane and the magnolia flower are two central elements in Japan and we have in this gorgeous hand-drawn furniture design combines these elements, which reflects a stylish feel of Japandi. The chair represents in the finest way both the Nordic as well as Japanese style. 

The colours of the chair shows the growing trend for dark colours in interior design. The shape invites for hours of quiet and relaxing moments, and give you a good reason for reading an enjoyable book.


Emiko side tables

Emiko side tables is a piece of natural art. The tabletop is made of Acacia wood and is processed by hand in the manufacturing. Every single side table is unique in shape and sizes due to the natural shape of the tree trunk it is cut from. 

In the design process, we found inspiration from the Japanese technique "Kint Sugi", which means golden repair". The methos has been used to repair a breakage and make it even more beautiful than before. 

Nara trolley

Our new gorgeous Nara trolley is one of our absolute favourites this season. We love its classic Scandinavian design, that speaks to the modern interior style. The colours are a classic combination of gold metal and a shiny deep blue.

It oozes elegance and bring a stylish touch to your interior. The trolley is handmade through all processes, why each trolley is a unique piece of furniture.