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It's not all black

Everything may look a little black right now. Entire contries are closed due to Covid-19 and we can't see all the people we usually see, we can't go dancing or go to concerts. But behind the grey clouds the sky is always blue - and hopefully one day soon we will all wake up and everything will be okay again. And we can start enjoying the valuable things in life again. A hug from your loved ones, a dance, listening to beautiful music in company with a lot of happy people.

Until that day comes we can only come together by staying apart, and try to create cocoons of happiness in our homes. And besides black is not just about feeling sad and powerless, it is also very much about elegance and sophistication. 

We have gathered some black beauties for you. Right now you can style up your home with gorgeous black interior products with up to a 35% discount.

Cool outdoor furniture

We are proud to present our new Gardia outdoor furniture. They are made from iron. However they will also look stunning indoors. 

The chair and cafe table are foldable and can easily be stored for winter taking up a minimum of space.

We have designed a small collection of cushions - the Garmine Collection - that are just perfect in both look and size for the new Gardia Collection. 

See Garmine right here!


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