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Ella is an elegant and timeless series of sofas, poufs and chairs. With its clean lines, standing on handcrafted oak wood legs and soft cushions, Ella combines a luscious lounge aesthetics with a more stringent Nordic design universe.

The furniture is not a mass production - these are handmade in Poland, Europe. The oak legs and wooden frame are FSC-certified wood. The high quality of Ella makes them suitable for commercial use, where the level of use is extraordinarily high.


 - Clean, modern, and elegant design

- High quality and best in test

- Handmade in Europe




Additionally, the fabric has Cleanaboo properties that limit the absorption of liquid into the fabric structure.Thanks to this innovative solution, every liquid spilled on the material is formed into drops and does not penetrate into the material. As a result, this minimizes the risk of damage to the furniture by staining it with a liquid substance such as coffee, juice or wine.

Liquid spilled on the material with Cleanaboo technology is formed into drops, which should be removed immediately with a dry cloth, gently applying it to the liquid so that it absorbs itself. No rubbing is required.

The Martindale test is used to measure the durability of a fabric. Martindale is a unit to measure fabric’s abrasion resistance. Also known as the rub test. For general domestic everyday use the recommended test score is 15-25,000.

The high test score makes these furniture very suitable for high levels of commercial use like hotels or restaurants.

Pills are the little balls that form on the surface of fabric as loose fibers become tangled when the fabric is subjected to repeated friction. No fabric can be guaranteed to be 100% pill-proof. Even fabric labelled as “pill resistant” should be expected to have some chance of pilling over time.

Pilling is measured on a scale from 1- 5, where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best.

The series are made with HR foam which is highly flexible foam. It is a type of polyurethane foam with increased elasticity and strength. Unlike regular upholstery foam, it has a more irregular structure..

The UK market requires a different flammable test than EU. We have a production made, so we can provide you with products for the UK market. The products on the website is not match tested. For inquiry on our Ella Series please contact our Sales Coordinator Maja at or call +45 96 71 21 26. .