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How to display your Easter flowers with elegance

The sweet scent from blossomed Spring flowers fills the nature scene and we all enjoy going for walk through the beautiful scenery and taking it all in. Flowers play a great role during Spring, and especially Easter. We want to bring the lovely and delightful flowers into our homes and what better way to this by combining them with a gorgeous Easter flower pots or vases. 

Do not be afraid to combine different colours and materials to create special nuances for your Easter home. Let us help you get into the Easter spirit and create a pleasant atmosphere.

1. Find a flower pot in bright and airy colours

Playing with flower pots and vases in bright and airy colours in combination with green flowers can create a delightful and contrasting look to your Easter decorations. Use, for example, a handmade flower pot with organic shapes in bright nuances that have small and unique details to it. These small details to the flower pots will make your Easter flowers feel right at home and add an elegant mood to your room.

Display your favorite flowers in your windowsill or in the hallway on a cabinet. Introduce them in any way you might come up making your home cosy. If you need inspiration for beautiful Spring flower combinations, you can have a look at our wide selection of artificial flowers.

2. Add organic shapes to your Easter settings

Bring the subtle and natural shapes from nature into your Easter home decorations. Add a personal handmade flower pot in pure cashmere on your side table in the hallway. Decorate it with a wide selection of fresh spring flowers - tulips, daisies or lilies. The Helsia flower pot is, for example, a perfect choice for adding some unique character to the living room. The beautiful imperfections in the design give it a distinct expression that adds soul to your Easter decoration.

Find a way to tell your own Easter story with a gorgeous handpicked bouquet of spring flowers in your own favorite flower vase.

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