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Elegant and mouth blown glasses!

A handcrafted design with a timeless design! How do you design the perfect glass for any occasions? You find the right skilled artisans that can produce both unique and elegant glass that can last for years. A combination of clear glass with smoked colours and special mouth blown techniques have resulted in our beloved Victorinne series!

The perfect choice for any dinner party

Any host should serve an ice-cold glass of delicious champagne or a colorful cocktail to the guests. The organic shape of the Victorinne glass are designed to be as comfortable as possible to hold on to. You can really feel the quality and uniqueness of each glass.

A beautiful set of wine glass will decorate any dining table and give it a stylish expression – discover this handmade glass series that will make your dinner settings look (and feel) wonderful! 

Victorinne is more than just a glass 

We designed this series to fit almost every table setting where quality is the main keyword! Set your own table with its timeless design that ensure a long-lasting use for your future dinner parties!

And the best part is that the handmade process gives each glass its own distinct look - a look in balance with the rest of your home decorations.  

Glass are an essential part of a table

Make your guests feel special around the dinner table with an array of stunning wine glass and water glass. The Victorinne glass will be the perfect choice for an unforgettable dinner party!